Fundraising Coins and growth

Simple Fund Development Activities that Support Stability

At its heart, fundraising is an inherently uncertain endeavor impacted by external factors like the economic, political, and societal landscape that an organization exists within.

Diverse Group with Communication bubble

A Strategic Approach to Accessible and Inclusive Outreach

With traditional outreach strategies restricted, North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA) explored different outreach activities tailored to local programs and their audiences.

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Five Ideas to Diversify Your Volunteer Program

Having a diverse and inclusive volunteer community helps nonprofits effectively accomplish their missions and build capacity. Building a volunteer program that engages different types of people from different walks of life takes intention.

Passing the baton

Five Strategies to Win at Succession Planning

Succession planning is an important activity for any organization. Nonprofits can learn a lot from the attention, resources, and planning that organizations do to effectively navigate personnel transitions.

Client Spotlight Blog Post

Committing to Strategic Planning for Organizational Success and Growth

The Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education (Poe Center) partnered with The INS Group for strategic planning. Throughout the process, communication, collaboration, and transparency were essential ingredients to develop a tailored strategic plan. “I have the honor of partnering with organizations to identify what is working well and opportunities for improvement to inform the goals of the strategic plan. This can involve asking tough questions and digging deep to uncover the best solutions. I am thankful to the Poe Center team for being so dedicated to the strategic planning process and being so willing to embrace opportunities to build upon the impactful work they already do,” said Ruth Peebles, President and Founder of The INS Group.

Poe Center

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