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A Guide to Grant Management Part Two: Preparing and Submitting Your Application

Dec 14, 2022 | Fundraising + Finances

This blog post is Part Two in a series highlighting grant management strategies. View Part One: Getting Started here.

In Part One: Getting Started, we covered how to start your grant journey on the right foot by implementing several approaches for effective grant management. These included organizing your internal information, identifying funding opportunities, creating funder profiles, and creating a system to track your proposals.

The next step in the process is preparing your proposal and submitting your application for consideration. Preparing a grant application takes time and typically includes components such as a cover letter or introduction, a needs statement, project goals and objectives, project methodology and staffing, evaluation methodology, sustainability plan and the project budget. There may also be an interview or site visit required which serves as a way for the funder to gather more information and view your organization in action.

Learn about the typical components of a grant application, along with tips and tricks to help you develop your proposal:

Infographic: Grantmaking Part 2

Remember: Think back to Part One – Don’t forget to track your proposals after you submit them!

Up Next

Stay tuned for the next part of our grant management series, Part Three: Award Implementation and Compliance, coming in February!

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