Are You Writing a Nonprofit Case Statement? Here’s What It Should Answer

The case statement is a core document that outlines the most important facts about your organization so donors can understand the value of investing in it. The document also serves as a plan for long-term strategic direction and should include the following: the organization’s history, the problem (and proposed solution) to be addressed, goals and objectives, and sources of funding. In addition, your case statement should address the sustainability of your organization, how people will be able to donate, the leadership team and their roles as well as the benefits the organization brings to the community

Internally, your case statement can help gain consensus on and enrich the organization’s story. Externally, it can aid in recruiting volunteers, be used to test the market, and serve as a basis for developing materials and presentations.

When crafting your case statement, be sure the following questions are answered:

►What problem are we trying to solve?

►Why are we best suited to solve this problem?

►How much will the project cost?

►Why is solving the problem so important now?

►What is the plan for fundraising?

►What are the benefits to the community?

►What are the benefits to the donor?

For more advice on creating a case statement or finding other innovative nonprofit solutions, please contact us at The INS Group

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