The ABC’s of Marketing Nonprofit Special Events


When marketing your special event, it’s important to use both traditional formats – such as sending out direct mail and soliciting print, radio, and TV media outlets – as well as untraditional.

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube):

►Connect with and engage your audience via special giveaways, early-bird registration fee, and announcements of special guests or speakers

►Create a branded hashtag (#) to corral the conversation

 Online Event Page(s):

►Register on websites such as Eventbrite to advance the planning of events, for social-media integration and to advertise ticket sales

►Encourage people to purchase tickets or sign-up for an event online or through your mobile app

►Keep track of sign-ups as they happen and alert the attendees as needed


►Use an up-to-date email list and send out announcements via an email newsletter

Leverage Audiences by Establishing Partnerships:

►Identify influential bloggers and ask them to help spread the news and review your event both during and after event.

►Collaborate on promotion with your partners using the same hashtag (#)

Make Invitees Feel Special:

►Allow certain audience privileges the general audience may not receive

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