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Why Staff Buy-In Matters

The process of organizational change can be daunting: How will staff be onboarded? Has leadership made the right decision? Will the organization thrive? Like many corporations, nonprofits often make decisions from the top down. However, incorporating staff into the decision making process can have tremendous benefits for organizations—and make change easier in the long run. …

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3 Must-Know Fundraising Trends (and 3 Strategies)

Nonprofits that stay in step with fundraising trends and anticipate what funders will be asking for will be best able to build their capacity in 2018. Here are some top trends:      Trend: There will be heightened demand for nonprofits to articulate the anticipated results of their work and to track whether those results …

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Nonprofit Social Media Trends: By the Numbers

How do you measure the value of social media to your organization? On which social media sites should your nonprofit maintain a presence? What kind of investment in staff time (translated to dollars) should you expect? These are among the questions answered in the 4th Annual Nonprofit Social Network Survey , a joint effort by …

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