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Why Every Board Needs at Least One Millennial

Millennials have been skewered in the media as selfish, lazy, and apathetic. In 2013, Time magazine declared them as the “Me Me Me” generation. Yet Millennials—defined as individuals born between 1980 and 1996, or those 20-36 years old today—have unique perspectives and skillsets to contribute to nonprofit organizations. Here are three reasons why you should …

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The Dos & Don’ts of Writing a Federal Grant

  DO be sure to have the financial systems in place to properly monitor the use of grant funds DON’T assume that the government knows your organization’s capabilities. Be descriptive about your programs and services and capacity to implement projects. DO know what kind of reporting procedures are needed DON’T fail to identify an outside …

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Applying for a Federal Grant? The Key Is Collaboration!

  What are the biggest benefits of collaborating with organizations when applying for a federal grant? It can help an organization that does not have visibility and an extensive track record in the community. In addition, it shows the funder that the organization is leveraging resources and a better investment. Organizations should: Identify collaborating partners …

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How Can Nonprofits Impact Policy?

  Can your nonprofit strengthen its capacity to use advocacy to impact governmental policy? Here are five steps to make it happen: Review your mission. What types of policies would enable you to better meet your goals? Engage policy makers by building relationships with local and state public officials. Be sure that your staff and …

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A 14-Point Bylaws Checkup

Nonprofits often neglect to revise or update their bylaws unless a critical issue or crisis arises. Doing so, however, should be part of your strategic-planning process.   Your board has a fiduciary responsibility and is legally accountable for following your bylaws. It is each board member’s responsibility to know what is included in the bylaws.  …

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