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Why Staff Buy-In Matters

The process of organizational change can be daunting: How will staff be onboarded? Has leadership made the right decision? Will the organization thrive? Like many corporations, nonprofits often make decisions from the top down. However, incorporating staff into the decision making process can have tremendous benefits for organizations—and make change easier in the long run. …

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5 Tips for Hiring Your Next Executive Director

For nearly two decades, Band Together has carried out a unique mission: using live music to raise funds and awareness for local nonprofits. Since 2001, the organization has helped its Triangle-area nonprofit partners fundraise nearly $8 million, in the process transforming itself into what it calls a “philanthropic machine.” Earlier this year, Band Together’s longtime …

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Client Spotlight: YWCA Lower Cape Fear

In 2015, the YWCA Lower Cape Fear realized it needed to develop a new strategic plan. “There had not been one for at least six years,” says Jenni Harris, President of YWCA’s Board of Directors. “We were in a position where we needed guidance on how to grow into a strong, functioning organization.” YWCA contracted …

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Is Going Cloud-Based Right for Your Organization? A Quiz

There are lots of reasons for organizations to move their operations to cloud computing—or Internet-based computing—including significant cost savings and increased collaboration. Take this quiz to find out if your organization is ready! A answers are worth 1 point, B answers 2 points, and C answers 3 points. Add your points to find your results …

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Writing Nonprofit Bylaws: 14 Must-Have Items

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” These infamous words spoken by Benjamin Franklin remind us to take preventative measures. This is especially true when determining how to govern a nonprofit organization. Bylaws are to your organization as the Constitution is to the United States. They detail the procedures an organization …

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The Value of Fundraising Staff: Priceless

  Your nonprofit’s relationships with donors are integral to their giving, and the skills and experience of your fundraising staff are integral to building and sustaining those relationships. Be willing to invest what is needed to build the capacity of your fund­raising staff and equip it with the best tools, strategies, and practices available. To …

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Capacity Building Grants for Nonprofits: Trend and Resources

This article was written by Ruth Peebles, MPA, President of The INS Group for eCivis, Inc, the nation’s leading grants management software solution and the ideal platform for improving local governments’ and community-based organizations’ grants performance. For more information about eCivis, visit www.ecivis.com. To read the full article, click here.

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Nonprofit Self-Assessment: Free Fitness Tests

Are you ready to look in the mirror? Few of us can’t find at least one aspect of ourselves we’d like to improve. While satisfaction is tough for one person, scrutinizing an entire organization can reveal an array of “not-so-pretty” features. A self-exam of your nonprofit doesn’t have to be intimidating. Identifying which aspects of …

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The Secret to Successful Fundraising – It’s All in the Plan

Every organization, regardless of its size, needs a strategic plan for fundraising to guide and support its efforts. A strategic plan for fundraising identifies specific funding needs to operate effectively and a detailed plan for obtaining those resources. It will help to sustain your organization over the long-term and to stay focused on its mission, …

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Faith-Based Organizations – Bridging the Gaps

The United States Federal Government does not have a formal definition of the term, “Faith-Based Organization (FBO) or Institution.” FBOs have been commonly described as organizations or projects that provide human services through a foundation of faith integrated into their organization. In recent years there has been more discussion and policy changes impacting the partnerships …

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