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Storytelling for Nontraditional Outcomes

Many nonprofits have impact that is difficult to quantify. For example, how does an organization offering experiential learning programs for urban youth share the transformation and wonder that occurs when children learn outdoors? Or what about a nonprofit that puts incarcerated individuals and graduate students in the same classroom so they can learn from one …

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The Nuts & Bolts of Building Your Resources Capacity

Organizations seeking to develop their resources capacity can take heart in knowing that resources are everywhere. How you identify and use them is what makes the difference. Successful resource development does not necessarily require doing more. Instead, it means being more strategic, thoughtful, and deliberate. Below are the five “I’s” of resource development, distilled from …

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Top Trends in Nonprofit Giving

    In the fast-paced nonprofit sector, organizations that stay on top of the latest giving opportunities will come out on top. Here are a few notable trends: Donors will have ability to control how they receive communications based on personal preferences and interests. Improvements in communications technology will allow nonprofits to connect with donors …

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