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Capacity Building Grants for Nonprofits: Trend and Resources

This article was written by Ruth Peebles, MPA, President of The INS Group for eCivis, Inc, the nation’s leading grants management software solution and the ideal platform for improving local governments’ and community-based organizations’ grants performance. For more information about eCivis, visit www.ecivis.com. To read the full article, click here.

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Nonprofit Budget Fundamentals

It’s no surprise that effective budgeting is an essential part of ensuring an organization’s growth and sustainability. Knowing where your dollars are coming from and going to seems like a basic concept…right? Well, for many nonprofits, especially for start-ups, the realm of budgeting is a new and intimidating territory. Let’s start by taking a look …

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Marketing 101: It’s Everything You Do or Say

Definition of Marketing Whether you are a for-profit or a nonprofit business, marketing is vital to the sustainability and growth of your organization. Marketing is a buzz word that people like to throw around but many do not understand what it is. Let’s keep our definition simple – Marketing is everything you do on behalf …

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Mergers: Partnering with Strategic Purpose

To merge or not to merge — that may be “the new question” for nonprofits to ask. Economic challenges and increased competition for dwindling resources is motivating many nonprofits to look at merging with other like organizations as a means of ensuring sustainability. Used in the context of business, the term “merger” has the tendency …

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