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4 Tips for Developing Strong In-Kind Relationships—from an Expert

Michael McLawhorn, an In-Kind Senior Manager for TROSA in Durham, NC, is responsible for sourcing nearly $4 million of in-kind donations each year for his organization’s residential substance abuse program. Here, he shares four strategies for increasing in-kind giving and making the most effective ask. 1. Before making an ask, consider everything your organization needs—from …

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Is #GivingTuesday Dead?

Launched in 2012 to kickstart the holiday giving season, Giving Tuesday has become a fundraising phenomenon in the U.S. and beyond. In 2016, donors from 98 countries and territories participated, bringing in $168 million dollars online. But is Giving Tuesday becoming too popular as a fundraising strategy among nonprofits? Jason Parker, a communications and development …

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Anatomy of a Great Donor Acknowledgement Letter

Many nonprofits view the thank you letter as no more than a tax receipt. Smart nonprofits, however, recognize the donor acknowledgement letter as a critical component of the stewardship phase of the fundraising lifecycle. A well-written letter will not only express gratitude but can serve as an opportunity to create an even greater affinity and …

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The Art (and Science) of Giving

Regardless of whether you consider fundraising a science or an art, you must acknowledge there are components of each in the business of raising money for a nonprofit. As fundraisers, we must understand the process of asking for contributions (see Six Simple Steps for Making the “Ask”), as well as the importance of developing relationships …

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Reaching the Board’s Full Fundraising Potential

A Board with a strong fundraising capacity is a key component in driving a nonprofit organization forward. Although Board members are responsible for planning and policy and organizational development, fundraising development can often be the most immediate and needed contribution that they make to a nonprofit organization. Board Fundraising Expectations Board members have four specific …

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Marketing 101: It’s Everything You Do or Say

Definition of Marketing Whether you are a for-profit or a nonprofit business, marketing is vital to the sustainability and growth of your organization. Marketing is a buzz word that people like to throw around but many do not understand what it is. Let’s keep our definition simple – Marketing is everything you do on behalf …

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