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Collective Impact: Management & Design Best Practices

Design and implement your collective initiative with a priority placed on equity. Address systemic structures and practices that create barriers to equitable outcomes for all populations, particularly along lines of race and class. Be intentional about the collective design to ensure that an “equity lens” is in place throughout the process. Include community members in …

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Is Going Cloud-Based Right for Your Organization? A Quiz

There are lots of reasons for organizations to move their operations to cloud computing—or Internet-based computing—including significant cost savings and increased collaboration. Take this quiz to find out if your organization is ready! A answers are worth 1 point, B answers 2 points, and C answers 3 points. Add your points to find your results …

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A New Look at Program Evaluation

If the words “program evaluation” make you cringe, it’s time to take another look at the process. In the past, methods of program evaluation were geared towards compiling the most scientifically accurate, valid and reliable data, and in quantities large enough to cure even the most stubborn case of insomnia. Evaluations were focused on specifics …

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