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3 Nonprofits that Successfully Rebranded — and How They Did It

There are many reasons why organizations choose to rebrand themselves. Outdated logos, mergers, and misperceptions of an organization’s mission are all compelling reasons to reinvent a nonprofit’s image. Here are three nonprofits that survived the rebranding process thanks to planning, strategy, and forward thinking. 1. YMCA of the USA  In 2010, the YMCA underwent a …

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What Are the 5 Key Components of Collective Impact?

When using a Collective Impact model, organizations from different sectors will agree to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda, aligning their efforts, and using common measures of success. Here are the 5 key components for success to the Collective Impact approach: Common Agenda: Participants must have shared vision for change or common …

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Motivating Your Organization: Inside and Out

The mechanics of motivation are easily overlooked in reviews of organizational performance. Fundamental incentives may vary, ranging from individuals who aspire to carry out a vision under a nonprofit umbrella to people who seek to quietly volunteer a few hours a week. Whatever the motivation, understanding when and how to engage board members and staff …

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