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What Are the 5 Key Components of Collective Impact?

When using a Collective Impact model, organizations from different sectors will agree to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda, aligning their efforts, and using common measures of success. Here are the 5 key components for success to the Collective Impact approach: Common Agenda: Participants must have shared vision for change or common …

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7 Keys to a Successful Collaborative Nonprofit Relationship (and 7 Barriers)

Keys to a collaborative nonprofit partnership: Shared purpose Compatible missions and values Shared power Shared view of interdependence Mutual respect and trust Shared control/stake in process/outcomes Shared indicators of progress   Barriers to a successful nonprofit relationship: Lack of common vision Costs not identified upfront Lack of buy-in Conflict among leaders/lack of trust Leadership lacking …

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14 Strategies for Running an Effective Nonprofit Board Meeting

            ►Issue a notice of the meeting to all board members, including the location, time, and an agenda ►Implement a system for board members to confirm their attendance in advance ►Board chair may distribute a more detailed agenda at the meeting ►Chair should lead with a brief summary of what …

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Applying for a Grant? Follow These 4 Steps (Part I)

            Step 1:  Have a Plan ►Develop a written short-term and long-term strategic plan ►Determine the funds needed annually ►Create a line-item budget ►Identify specific funding needs ►Know for what you are asking the funder ►Establish a grant-writing team   Step 2:  Do Your Homework ►Research grant opportunities ►Review the …

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Applying for a Federal Grant? The Key Is Collaboration!

  What are the biggest benefits of collaborating with organizations when applying for a federal grant? It can help an organization that does not have visibility and an extensive track record in the community. In addition, it shows the funder that the organization is leveraging resources and a better investment. Organizations should: Identify collaborating partners …

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Joint Grant Seeking: A Strategy for Securing Grants

This article was written by Ruth Peebles, MPA, President of The INS Group for eCivis, Inc, the nation’s leading grants management software solution and the ideal platform for improving local governments’ and community-based organizations’ grants performance. For more information about eCivis, visit www.ecivis.com. To read the full article, click here.

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Nonprofit Self-Assessment: Free Fitness Tests

Are you ready to look in the mirror? Few of us can’t find at least one aspect of ourselves we’d like to improve. While satisfaction is tough for one person, scrutinizing an entire organization can reveal an array of “not-so-pretty” features. A self-exam of your nonprofit doesn’t have to be intimidating. Identifying which aspects of …

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