Planning a Special Nonprofit Event? 8 Benefits of Using a Planner

specialeventstageWhether you only hold an annual fundraising gala or host multiple events throughout the year, outsourcing the logistics to an event planner — while your organization focuses on raising funds — will be one of the smartest moves you can make.  A planner can help select the venue, create invitations and event materials, source entertainment and speakers, handle registration, and serve as coordinator during the event. He/she can also:

1. Listen to ideas, help create a plan, and connect you with the right vendors

2. Offer creative ways for you to stay on budget. A planner has relationships with vendors that might offer special deals

3. Assist you in developing a theme for your event and outline the necessary steps to achieve it

4. Handle the logistics of your event, answer your questions, and troubleshoot problems

5. Follow up with vendors to ensure accountability

6. Create a timeline to ensure that everything runs smoothly

7. Assist with promotion and make connections in the business community and media

8. Coordinate all details and be the “go-to” person on the day of your event


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