Philanthropy in the Latino Community: How and Why They Give


New research shows that people within the Latino community are increasingly turning to philanthropy to provide support. Want to expand your donor reach in this market? Here’s how and why they give:

Why Latinos Give:

  • Emergency and financial assistance to family and “Como familia” in U.S. and abroad
  • Religion
  • Family-related issues, children/youth, elderly
  • Community rights and economic opportunities
  • Scholarship funds, education, youth development
  • Cultural heritage or preservation and the arts
  • Healthcare and human services
  • Disaster relief in home / ancestral countries

How Latinos Give:

  • Family and friends
  • Church
  • Mutual assistance associations
  • Civic associations, chambers of commerce
  • Business and professional organizations
  • Hispanic/Latino civil-rights and social-justice organizations
  • Hispanic/Latino Community Development Corporations, community funds
  • Mainstream nonprofits that address Hispanic/Latino needs

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