Does Your Nonprofit Have a Roadmap to the Future?











Strategic planning is a process that provides nonprofit organizations with roadmap for the future. It helps you to adjust for challenges that will inevitably occur ahead. Without an overall strategic plan, fundraising and building capacity becomes much more difficult. Surprisingly, however, many nonprofit organizations lack a strategic plan.

How can strategic planning benefit your organization? A plan…

►Measures progress and establishes a mechanism for informed change when needed

►Builds consensus by listening to everyone’s opinions about where the organization is going

►Provides focus thereby producing more efficiency and effectiveness

►Bridges staff/employees and the board of directors

►Can be used as a working document

►Produces great satisfaction and meaning from a common vision among planners

►Increases productivity from increased efficiency and effectiveness

►Solves major problems in the organization

To find out how The INS Group can help your organization develop a strategic plan or to inquire about our other services, email us at or fill out our contact form

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