Nonprofit Board Checklist: Roles & Responsibilities

Maintaining an effective board of directors, communicating their roles and responsibilities, and holding the board accountable is critical to the growth of every nonprofit. Here’s a useful checklist for your board to follow:

  • Understand plans/programs for fundraising
  • Endorse the case why someone should contribute to the nonprofit
  • Contribute the fullest measure of means
  • Offer names to be added to mailing list
  • Assist with identifying and evaluating prospects
  • Cultivate key prospects
  • Participate in board training on fundraising
  • Make introductions
  • Accompany others in solicitation visits to build relationships
  • Write follow-up and acknowledgement letters
  • Craft personal notes or appeals
  • Make personal phone calls
  • Make face-to-face solicitations
  • Commit to what you say you’ll do


From board recruitment and onboarding to responsibilities and structure development, The INS Group offers numerous services to help grow organizations. Contact us to learn more.

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