Do You Make It Easy for Donors to Give Online?


Every visitor to your website could be a donor, yet a lot of nonprofits make it tough for donors to give online. Those barriers to giving are costing nonprofits millions, even billions, of dollars, says a new report from Dunham+Company.

The consulting firm and Next After looked at websites of 151 organizations over nine months, subscribed to their emails, and made an initial gift of $20. The two firms studied 56 key indicators in four key as­pects of online fundraising, including email registration, email communication, the donation experience, and the gift acknowledgement process.

Among the organizations studied, 127 scored 75 or below.

What the study found:

►Over one in three or­ganizations did not send a single email to new subscribers within the first 20 days of signing up

►79 percent of emails did not personalize the “to” line with a first and last name

►56 percent of or­ganizations did not make a single ask in the first 90 days

►63 percent did not offer a donor “next steps” to take

Nonprofits can do better. Your website should be an inviting point of entry to your nonprofit that gives visitors a quick summary of who you are and what you do, and invites them — and makes it easy — to learn more, get involved, and give. By making your website easier to use, and making it a priority to engage and cultivate your online visitors, you can increase the chance they will become loyal supporters.

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