Deciding on a Crowdfunding Site? Use this Checklist


Aesthetics: Are the fundraising pages/template appealing to donors? Can you post videos and pictures?


Ease of Setup: How easy is it to create the fundraising page and are there technical skills needed?


Methods for Making Donations: Can donors make contributions through credit cards or e-checks and how quickly are deposits made to your account?


Costs for Using Platform: Are there set-up fees and/or a monthly fee? Are there additional administrative costs for sending checks or statements?


Social Networking Marketing Tools: Will the site help publicize/promote your fundraiser? How does the platform integrate with social networking sites? Can your donors and volunteers set up their own pages to help raise funds?


Traction: Does the crowdfunding site have significant followers or number of daily visitors? What are the demographics? How likely are they to become donors of your cause?


Success Stories: Check out the projects that are currently listed to determine what types of projects are getting funded.

For more ways to help sustain your organization, see The INS Group’s list of recommended reading here:

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