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Summer 2017

Client Spotlight: YMCA Lower Cape Fear
In 2015, the YWCA Lower Cape Fear realized it needed to develop a new strategic plan. “There had not been one for at least six years,” says Jenni Harris, President of YWCA’s Board of Directors. “We were in a position where we needed guidance on how to grow into a strong, functioning organization.” Read Full Article

4 Tips for Developing Strong In-Kind Relationships—from an Expert 
Michael McLawhorn, an In-Kind Senior Manager for TROSA in Durham, NC, is responsible for sourcing nearly $1 million dollars of in-kind donations each year for his organization’s residential substance abuse program. Here, he shares four strategies for increasing in-kind giving and making the most effective ask. Read Full Article

Storytelling for Nontraditional Outcomes
Many nonprofits have impact that is difficult to quantify. For example, how does an organization offering experiential learning programs for urban youth share the transformation and wonder that occurs when children learn outdoors? Or what about a nonprofit that puts incarcerated individuals and graduate students in the same classroom so they can learn from one another? Read Full Article 

Is Going Cloud-Based Right for Your Business? A Quiz
There are lots of reasons for organizations to move their operations to cloud computing—or Internet-based computing—including significant cost savings and increased collaboration. Take this quiz to find out if your organization is ready! Take the Quiz

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