What Are the Components of an Effective Nonprofit Strategic Plan?

The components of an effective organizational strategic plan include:

     Monitoring & Evaluation – This includes the criteria for monitoring and evaluation as well as the responsibilities and frequencies of monitoring the implementation of the plan.

     Communication – This describes the actions that will be taken to communicate your plan and to whom.

     Budget Plan – This details the resources and funding needed to achieve the strategic goals.

     Operating Plan – This lays out the major goals and activities to be accomplished over the coming fiscal year.

     Financial Reports – This includes last year’s budget and the current year budget, with estimated expenses and the actual amounts spent.

     Description of the Strategic-Planning Process – This is the process used to develop the plan. It also records who was involved, the number of meetings held and any major lessons learned.

     Strategic Analysis Data – This is any information generated during external and internal analyses and includes listing of strategic issues identified.

     Goals for the Board & CEO – These goals of the executive director and board should be directly aligned with the goals of the strategic planning.


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