What Are Some Characteristics of Diverse Donors?

Nonprofit donors from diversity backgrounds share common characteristics. Below are a few to help expand your nonprofit’s donor base:

  • First-generation wealth
  • Wealth from entrepreneurial enterprises in specific industries
  • Live in multiple worlds/cultures
  • Participate in multiple networks
  • Bi-culturally fluent
  • Most often prefer causes that impact their own communities
  • Rarely limit giving to their own community
  • Reluctant to commit to long-term charitable planning
  • Identified person (staff, volunteer, board member, participant/recipient of services) associated with the nonprofit and its cause or beneficiaries and passionately committed to issues
  • Has participated in nonprofits for some time and serves on board or advisory committee or on a gala or event committee
  • Major gift was followed by a sequence of increased financial commitments over time


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