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Are You Following These 6 Nonprofit Communications Strategies?

Know your audience. Take the time to learn their interests and forms of communications, and then tailor your strategy to communicate using those venues.   Have a clear call to action. This includes a clear message and “elevator” pitch.   Connect with your target audiences emotionally. Through the use of focus groups or surveys, find …

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The Nuts & Bolts of Building Your Resources Capacity

Organizations seeking to develop their resources capacity can take heart in knowing that resources are everywhere. How you identify and use them is what makes the difference. Successful resource development does not necessarily require doing more. Instead, it means being more strategic, thoughtful, and deliberate. Below are the five “I’s” of resource development, distilled from …

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Does Your Nonprofit Have a Roadmap to the Future?

                  Strategic planning is a process that provides nonprofit organizations with roadmap for the future. It helps you to adjust for challenges that will inevitably occur ahead. Without an overall strategic plan, fundraising and building capacity becomes much more difficult. Surprisingly, however, many nonprofit organizations lack a …

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