How to Best Communicate Your Nonprofit Strategic Plan

An organization’s strategic plan is a blueprint to the future that allows leadership to evaluate its mission to determine strategy, advance its mission, and set realistic goals and objectives. The plan, however, should not be created and left to collect dust in a file drawer. Some stakeholders should get complete copies of your plan, including appendices. Other stakeholders (usually outside of organization) should receive only the body of the plan without appendices. In addition, every board member and member of management needs to get a copy of plan. You might even consider sharing the complete plan or highlights to everyone in organization to ensure clarity of vision.

Here are a few ways to distribute your strategic plan:

  • Post your mission, vision, and values statements on the walls of your main office
  • Give each employee a “statements” card
  • Publish portions of your plan in your newsletter and advertising and marketing materials
  • Train new board members and employees on the plan during orientations
  • Include your strategic plan in policies, procedures, and employee manuals
  • Provide copies of the strategic plan to major stakeholders, including funders/investors, trade associations, potential collaborators, vendors/suppliers, and others

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