Applying for a Grant? Follow These 4 Steps (Part I)








Step 1:  Have a Plan

►Develop a written short-term and long-term strategic plan

►Determine the funds needed annually

►Create a line-item budget

►Identify specific funding needs

►Know for what you are asking the funder

►Establish a grant-writing team


Step 2:  Do Your Homework

►Research grant opportunities

►Review the funder’s website and annual report

►Determine what other organizations they have funded and at what level

►Determine if compatible with your mission and program commitments


Step 3:  Build Relationships

►Schedule an interview with the funder’s staff (phone or in-person)

►Show that your organization will help the funder meet its mission

►Provide progress reports (often required)

►Keep the funder informed of other aspects of your organization


Step 4:  Collaborate

►Identify potential partners (nonprofits, governmental agencies, businesses, faith-based institutions, civic, and professional groups)

►Meet to discuss how your programs and services can be part of the project or program proposal

►Submit a joint proposal

►Submit Memorandums Agreement or Letter of Support

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