Applying for a Federal Grant? The Key Is Collaboration!


What are the biggest benefits of collaborating with organizations when applying for a federal grant? It can help an organization that does not have visibility and an extensive track record in the community. In addition, it shows the funder that the organization is leveraging resources and a better investment. Organizations should:

  1. Identify collaborating partners such as educational institutions, local school systems, nonprofits, and service providers to be involved in the project or program to be funded and include them in the grant proposal.  


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  2. Meet with potential collaborators to discuss proposal ideas.  Do not assume that because you have had a previous relationship (or current relationship) with an organization or institution that it wants to be a partner or if it is appropriate.
  3. Determine the expectations of each party. How will you specifically collaborate?
  4. Have a system for monitoring the grant-application progress to ensure that each partner is accomplishing its goals? 
  5. Create memorandum of agreement that outlines expectations and be sure to get it signed by representatives from each collaborating agency or institution.


Has collaboration benefitted your organization’s ability to apply for a grant? Please share your story with us.

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