The INS Group Fee Structure

Our goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive array of value-added services and cost-effective resources. To do so, we provide each client with a tailored proposal based on the needs of the organization/agency. This proposal specifies expected project outcomes and fees for each project/service.

At The INS Group, we believe in an open, up-front discussion of tasks, expectations, and fees/costs so there are no surprises or unplanned extras.  Our fee structure varies based on the client’s preferred approach and the type of project or service desired. In general, fee structure is based on an estimate of the number of hours we expect to spend on a project multiplied by an hourly rate.

Most projects are charged on a fixed-fee basis. Given the project scope, The INS Group will estimate the effort involved and charge a flat fee to achieve the agreed-upon milestones and deliverables.

Depending upon client circumstances, alternative fee structures may be more appropriate, including retainer-based arrangements. We can offer regular advice and support (in-person, by telephone, or via email) for which we charge a monthly retainer for an agreed number of consulting days/hours per month.

Hourly rates are dependent upon the functions or services needed and complexity of the work. The pricing agreement included in your custom proposal will clearly define which functions/services are assigned to each specific hourly rate. Travel, lodging, materials, and other relevant expenses are not included in the hourly rate and are charged on an as-incurred basis; these expenses are agreed in advance and included in the project proposal.

Once contracted, no up-front deposits are required. Payment for services is due in full, upon receipt of invoice, at project completion.  For longer-term projects, payment may be requested in installments as specific milestones are reached or when specific aspects of the project have been completed.

For additional information about The INS Group fees and services, contact us at or complete this form.