8 Keys to Smart Fundraising


Generating gifts that can transform your nonprofit and its impact depends on creating a culture of philanthropy at your organization, and building donor loyalty. To help do that, you should:

1. Raise awareness — internally and externally — of community needs.

2. Get to know donors and the causes they care about.

3. Recognize donors’ potential value and impact.

4. Give donors more voice in working with your nonprofit.

5. Integrate your annual, major, campaign and planned giving programs.

6. Value and invest in fundraising staff.

7. Build collaboration among fundraising staff.

8. Strengthen long-term stewardship of donors.

To learn more, visit…

Growing Philanthropy in the United States, http://www.indiana.edu/~iunews/GrowingPhilanthropySum.pdf

Great Fundraising, http://www.claytonburnett.com/

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