3 Must-Know Fundraising Trends (and 3 Strategies)

Nonprofits that stay in step with fundraising trends and anticipate what funders will be asking for will be best able to build their capacity in 2018.

Here are some top trends:

     Trend: There will be heightened demand for nonprofits to articulate the anticipated results of their work and to track whether those results are actually occurring.

     Strategy: Through the use of technology tools, nonprofits can more easily demonstrate the number of people served, the number of services provided, etc.

     Trend: Funders are increasingly interested in organizations that are able to leverage resources, collaborate with other groups, and build their organizational capacities.

     Strategy: Share successful model programs, including telling others how it was done and communicating to funders how information will be disseminated to others.

     Trend: Nonprofits will become more adept at using digital communications technologies and creative design to inform donors about the impact that they’ve achieved.

     Strategy: Shift from distributing annual reports only to include real-time reporting of your nonprofit’s impact.

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