15 Ways to Lose a Donor

A robust individual giving program based on relationship building ensures the financial stability and sustainability of your organization. According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 2013 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report, every 100 donors gained in 2012 was offset by 105 in lost donors through attrition.

What are nonprofits doing (or not) to lose their donors? 15 donor turn-offs:donate-button-shows-charity-donations-and-fundraising-100146531

1. Don’t thank them promptly

2. Don’t inform them about the use of donation dollars

3. Act as if donation is unimportant

4. Don’t manage the organization

5. Obtain negative publicity

6. Send donor too much information

7. Fail to offer donor opportunity to get involved

8. Foster poor staff/volunteer morale

9. Not responsive to clients’ needs

10. Fail to identify benefits

11. Only contact donor once a year

12. Fail to respond to calls or requests

13. Incorrectly thank a person

14. Misspell a donor’s name

15. Over appreciated/unappreciated

For more ways to help your organization fundraise, see The INS Group’s list of recommended reading http://theinsgroup.com/resources-resources/recommended-publications/.

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